Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Defrosting the Freezer - Day 9

Finally, after 9 days of defrosting I decided it was time to wrap up the freezer chore.

Most of the ice had melted

The turkey was iced in and moved the entire shelf contents when I tried to get it out.

I moved the paper bag of ground beef to find these 3 jugs, still frozen solid.

Again, when I tried to pull the milk out, it brought the water-filled jugs along, too.

Turkey with huge ice defrosted in the kitchen sink.

Milk jug defrosts, frozen to it's neighbor.

The ice surrounding the milk finally loosened.

Freezer is humming again with some food still inside.  
Next up will be using freezer contents up so I can unplug for a couple months this summer.


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