Monday, March 28, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 13 - $180.49

This week was

Monday night I stopped at Fred Meyer after my accountability group.  I wanted to pick up milk, a loaf of bread, and zucchini for our favorite crockpot stew.  My brother was here working on our basement construction and I wanted to be sure we had good dinners for him and easy lunches for me to make the kids.  I picked up organic potatoes and organic Earth Balance DF spread, too, along iwth a pile of apples I found on clearance.  There were 3 or 4 apples in each bag for $1.00.  And because I was hungry I bought Doritos and some cheese curds that were on clearance.  Late night shopping and I are not a good combo!  I spent $33.24.

I went to Safeway Friday for the 3/$5 cereal and to pick up the $4.99 Tillamook.  While there I found a bunch of clearance deals: cheese crackers for $0.99, a 4 pack of Dannon yogurt for $1.99 and I had a $1 MC so it was only $0.99, organic milk for $4.14, pork loin for $1.79/lb and Open Nature yogurts for $0.47 each.  I spent $32.66.

I made another big trip to Fred Meyer also on Friday.  Our couples Bible study has dinner together and the hostess asked me to bring 'kid food' since she didn't think our 15 combined children would go for chicken curry/rice.  I figured chicken nuggets fit the bill so I picked up a bag along with some breaded chicken strips and some plain chicken strips that DD2 can have for emergency lunches.  I bought 3 boxes of formula since there's a great baby sale going on, 4 bottles of creamer, 3 loaves of bread, some clearance english muffins, a clearance sourdough bread bowl, clearance bananas, more clearance apples (will make applesauce now), 2 pounds of butter, 2 dozen eggs, a pint of whipping cream, clearance spinach dip, and a GF vegan pizza!  It was $9, but I think it will just delight DD2 next time we have pizza and she gets to have a 'real one,' too.  Also I don't have to make an extra pizza. =)  This was a big trip - I spent $108.25.

One more run to Safeway late at night Friday for the cereal deal.  The morning visit had printed a $2/5 catalina, so these $3/5 cereals ended up just $1.27 each for a total of $6.34.

All this was a big $180.49 this week.
2016 Year-to-Date total: $1,597.37
2016 Weekly Average: $122.87


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