Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 9 - $67.93

  I spent last week in my parents' house on the Oregon coast.  My sweet dad is recuperating from his series of strokes (two weeks ago) and I was there to help however mom needed me.  Praise Jesus my dad is recovering with miraculous speed and I ended up just being moral support ( I hope *wink*).

  Our first morning in town I zipped down to the grocery store to buy a few things.  I spent $30.28 on a gallon of organic milk (more expensive than home), 2 jars of unsweetened applesauce, grapes, almond milk (less expensive than home), frozen fries, turkey hot dogs, hot dog buns, clearance Udi's bread, rice cereal, and coffee creamer.  I had brought lots of food from home, too, so I wouldn't burden my mom's grocery budget with feeding my brood.

Mom and I did some thrift store & bargain shopping one morning and I picked up coconut oil at Ross (of all places) for $5.99.

We got home Sunday evening and I dashed into the grocery store to grab a balloon and a cake for DH's birthday.  I also spotted GF chicken nuggets and got them as a mini-gift for very easy dinner making as I had about 20 minutes at home before dashing off to book club.  I also grabbed a container of cookies for book club while at the store.  The cake, cookies, and chicken nuggets were $25.97.

I got a text at book club that we were out of milk so I picked up a gallon on my way home for $5.69.

Week 9 Total: $67.93
Year-to-Date 2016: $1,082.82
Weekly Average: $120.31

I'm so happy for two weeks in a row of really reasonable grocery spending.  I hope I can keep that up a few more weeks.  I'm well stocked with lots of basics in the freezer so I'm hoping to just focus on perishables.

Love, Katie

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