Sunday, March 6, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 10 - $76.31

Week 10 had several small shopping trips.

Monday DD#1 and I popped into Fred Meyer for fruit.  I bought bananas, pears, and apples.  I also picked up almond milk, organic celery, a bag of doritos, a clearance sourdough bread bowl and clearance organic lettuce.  I spent $17.09.

Tuesday DD#2 and I wandered through QFC before an appointment and picked up a few items on clerance.  We also spent an inordinately long time in the candy bar aisle looking for a dairy free chocolate bar.  I got these items for $4.77.

Friday while DD#4 was at a 30 minute speech therapy appointment, I managed to get back into town, pick up library books, dash into Trader Joes for some goat cheddar and crumbled goat cheese, and get back up to the school on time!  I felt like Wonder Woman.  The goat cheeses were $8.58

Late Friday night (after the Women's Conference at my church let out) I stopped at Fred Meyer for milk and tortilla chips to make DH's day go more easily Saturday while I would be out.  While there I found organic ground beef for $3.99/lb, more organic lettuce on clearance, and 3 bunches of asparagus for only $1.00 each!  DH likes creamer and it's full of junk.  I was happy to see the Darigold creamer on sale for $2.50 since it's LESS junky than the other creamers.  I bought a head of romaine, organic potatoes, navel oranges, and generic nacho cheese chips that I heard tasted like Doritos.  They do not - in case inquiring minds want to know.  I spent $37.58

And finally, one more dash into Fred Meyer on Saturday afternoon (again, after the Women's Conference let out) for tomato sauce and regular spaghetti noodles for a couple recipes.  I also found a box of GF/DF peanut butter granola bars on clearance for $2.19.  I picked up 2 boxes of baby cereal that had a $1.00/2 peelie, but the peelie was expired when I got to the checkout!  Very irritating.  I spent $8.29.

Week 10 Total: $76.31
Year-to-date Total: $1,159.13
Weekly Average: $115.91

Yay for another low week!   I think the key these last couple of week has been just being super busy so I don't have time for big shopping trips.  ;)

Love, Katie

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