Sunday, March 20, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 12 - $111.16

This week was pretty tame.  First I went to QFC on Monday to pick up pull-ups when a kiddo ran out.  I found some clearance deals and used some manufacturer's coupons for coffee creamer. I spent $14.32 on food.

Saturday morning I ran out to QFC to pick up a pizza for the family while I took DD2 out for lunch.  I bought milk, more creamer, eggs, a few apples, and clearance sour cream, van's bars, and shelf stable creamer for traveling.  My kiddo took the picture and left the maxi pads in with the food.  Whoops!  Incidentally, I'm totally buying those whenever I find a screaming deal because I'm going to spend a bazillion dollars on feminine products pretty soon with 4 daughters in the house.  I spent $37.33.  Not pictured: $9.99 pizza.

I hit up another QFC because I had found a great clearance deal on the pull-ups earlier in the week.  I got several more packs of the pull-ups - Yay! - And all this clearance stuff: 8 bottles of organic GF/DF/EF bbq sauce for $1.29 each, formula for $14.49, GF/DF/EF Newman's Own dressing for $1.79 each, and a couple bags of Starbucks jelly beans that were on sale and I had a MC so they were $1.47 each,  And I also bought 3 tubs of organic cottage cheese for $1.49 each even though I'd already bought 4 tubs on clearance earlier that day.  I just couldn't resist the organic for such a cheap price.  I spent $35.80.

 I decided to try the Grocery Outlet again since I scored so big last week, but it wasn't as good this week.  I bought 8 pounds of oranges $5.99, granolas for $2.99 each, a pound of organic strawberries for $2.50, and turkey lunchmeat for $1.49 each.  I found another GF/DF/EF granola bar to try and one last box of the GF/DF/EF macaroni & cheese.  I spent $23.71.

Week 12 Total: $111.16
Year to Date Total: $1,416.88
Weekly Average: $118.07


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