Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Menu Plan - GF/DF

Well the goat cheese was an exciting experiment.  And we will not be trying it again.  My girl didn't handle it well at all.  Maybe we got spoiled by a month off dairy and relative peace, but we're convinced a really rough Sunday and Monday were caused by the goat cheese trial on Friday and Saturday.  Trader Joe's had some sheep cheese that DD2 wants to try, but we're going to stick with soy for the time being.

Monday - org chicken thighs/curry/org brown rice/org peas
Tuesday - pizza at AHG meeting (got Wendy's chili for DD2 on the way home)
Wednesday - org chicken, org potatoes, asparagus
Thursday - Pancakes (org flour & org milk), nitrate-free sausage, org syrup
Friday - Dinner at Small Group
Saturday - Italian Sausage soup (org celery, org carrots, nitrate free sausage, tomatoes, org chicken broth, onions, kidney beans)
Sunday - popcorn & smoothies

Monday - nachos
Tuesday - leftover taco soup & fresh asparagus
Wednesday - waffles (org flour & org milk)
Thursday - taco salad (org lettuce, org ground beef, org salsa, guac, cheese)
Friday - con chicken drumsticks that have been hanging out in my freezer
Saturday - mac'n'cheese (soy cheese, gf noodles for DD2)
Sunday - skillet (eggs, bacon, potatoes, cheese) - DD2 will have leftover mac'n'cheese

Shopping List: onions, lots of fruit, milk, gf oatmeal (a friend told me her gf husband could really tell the difference between gf and standard oatmeal, so back to gf for DD2), mango for a recipe I want to try next week (?), standard spaghetti noodles & standard elbow macaroni, soy cheese, almond or coconut milk.

Love, Katie

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