Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New Allergies - New Menu Plan

  We're exploring some new things with DD#2 in an effort to better meet her needs.  One of those things was an allergy test (blood, not skin) and the results showed some allergies (level 1 on a 1-3 scale) we're going to avoid.  None of it was super surprising, but one big bummer was egg whites. How am I going to bake without egg whites?  Another one was peas.  No big deal to avoid peas, but the protein powder I love is a vegan, pea protein. We took her off milk a few weeks ago anticipating the results of this test and yes, most dairy is on the list.  I was also disappointed to see malt on the list. We'd been allowed some malt even though it has gluten, because it didn't seem to affect her.  So no more rice krispies.  Drat!  But thankful we have so many options for food including lots of dry cereals now that General Mills made Cheerios GF.  

The doctor suggested we try a lot of goat cheese the next few days and see how that affects her.

There's only 5 days left this week for a menu plan, but here's what we're eating:

Wednesday - Meatloaf
Thursday - Breakfast for Dinner (pancakes & bacon)
Friday - Pot Roast (meat in freezer, have potatoes & carrots & onions)
Saturday - Egg Casserole (ham from freezer)
Sunday - Macaronada

Wednesday - Nachos (goat cheddar)
Thursday - Apple/Chicken sausages
Friday - Pizza (goat cheese)
Saturday - Mac'n'Cheese (GF noodles & goat cheese)
Sunday - Grilled Cheese (GF bread & goat cheddar)



  1. In case you are interested... Barbara's makes an Organic Brown Rice Crisps cereal that is gluten free and doesn't have malt in it. The ingredients are Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice, Organic Fruit Juice Concentrate (Pear or Apple), and Sea Salt. It's very similar to Rice Krispies although it is quite a bit more expensive. I bought mine through Azure Standard.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Sometimes Barbara's goes on sale at QFC for a reasonable price. I'll pick it up then for a special treat.

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