Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 11 - $146.59

I made a good-sized trip to QFC early in the week and lots of other, smaller trips.  This week I sorted ALL my coupons and organized them for the first time since DS was born in October.  Then I looked at the grocery ads and decided where I wanted to go.

QFC was the winner with their $5/5 sale.  I spent $69.01 on all these groceries pictured below and I got some good prices on some toiletry things, too.  The best grocery deals included GF/DF/EF chips (5) on clearance for $0.99 each, organic sour cream (3) for $0.99 each, mission tortilla chips (3) for $1.00/bag, clearance apples (9) for $0.33 each, and GF/DF/EG crackers (3) for $1.49/box.

I also bought 2 bags of Doritos, 2 boxes of Cheez-its, a clearance large Silk yogurt, 2 clearance cottage cheese, clearance organic ravioli, 3 boxes conventional pasta, 1 box organic pasta, a can of clearance soup, 5 bottles of salad dressing, 3 boxes of cereal, 2 half-gallons of almond milk, a gallon of organic 2% milk, an onion, a mango, shredded soy cheese, and soy sour cream substitute.  Phew!

$69.01 at QFC
I stopped at the Grocery Outlet on Saturday and spent $30.24 on a bag of pita chips, a case of organic Kashi bars (worked out to $0.24 each bar), 8 boxes of GF/DF/EF mac & cheese for $1.29 each, tomatoes, hummus, a lemon, $0.50 on 5 fruit snack packets, and a box of GF/DF/EF Kind bars ($0.49 each bar). I also bought two mangos that were clearly marked as 2/$3, but the checker charged me $1.99.  I was annoyed, but bought them anyway.  I also bought a bunch of asparagus for $1.99.

I stopped at Fred Meyer, too.  I found a clearance can of corn and sourdough boule.  I also bought eggs, a few bananas, onions and four cucumbers - all conventional.  Organic potatoes are still $1.99 so I bought another bag and because I'd just found all the GF/DF/EF mac'n'cheese I bought a case of my other kids' favorite Annie's.  I usually get the organic Annie's at Costco, but I've been avoiding Costco in an effort to have lower spending weeks.  I spent $23.62.

Late that night I took DD2 on a date and we were right next to QFC and popped in to check the clearance areas.  I found 2 boxes of GF/DF/EF Van's bars for $1.99 each, cottage cheese for $1.25 each, and hummus for $2.29.  I spent $8.77 and forgot to take a photo.

Sunday after church DD2 went out with DH so the other kids and I took advantage of the chance to have pizza!  I picked up a bakeable one at Fred Meyer for $8.99 and it was all paid for by rewards.

When the power went out Sunday afternoon I had to go the library to use the internet.  On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and bought cold deli chicken (plain and seasoned), a small container of coffee cream, refrigerated salsa, 2 oranges and an organic apple.  I had no intention of opening our refrigerator and the power company estimated we'd be without power all night.  Our candlelight dinner was cold chicken, Doritos, a can of olives, and chips & salsa.  There was cold coffee in the pot so DH was able to make coffee still with the creamer (he likes it cold).  We ate the apple & oranges for breakfast with granola bars and our power came back on around 10:30AM.  Hooray!  I spent $14.95 on the food so we could save much more food/money by not opening the fridge.  I didn't have to throw a single thing away.  Yes!

Week 11 total: $146.59
Year to date total: $1.305.72
Weekly Average: $118.70

Love, Katie

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