Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 8 - $84.23

This week was a jumbled mess.  My dad had a stroke on Monday and I hightailed it out of town.  My awesome held down the fort and not a lot of shopping was done, but a bit.

This trip to Fred Meyer Monday was fortuitous.  There was a bunch of gluten-free items in the clearance bin I was able to snap up at bargain prices.  This allowed DH to make sandwiches and for DD#2 to have treats with her sisters.  It just made things easy for DH.  I spent $25.10 on 3 loaves of Udi's bread, a package of Udi's buns, 2 packages of Udi's muffins, 2 packages of turkey lunchmeat, some vegetable oil, and a clearance package of cheesy bagels.

When I was out of town at the hospital with my dad, DH took the girls shopping to buy hamburger buns, hot dog buns, 2# brick of monterey jack cheese, a 8 oz. brick of cheddar cheese and regular milk.  He couldn't find his receipt but I'm figuring about $20 because he'd buy the cheapest of all available items and he said the jack cheese was on sale.

I was home one day last week to take the kids to co-op and for DH to teach his college class.  I went to QFC to pick up barbeque sauce for DH and found all sorts of clearance deals including donuts for $3.99, coconut milk yogurt cups for $0.50 each, organic whole milk yogurt tubs for $1.00 each, 6-packs of Skinny Cow chocolate bars for $1.24 each, turkey sausage links for $1.49/pack, naan for $1.29, and organic greek yogurt cups for $0.50,  Cereal was 3/$5 and organic baby food jars were $.29 each.  In total I spent $38.63.

DH and I were able to have a short date this weekend and one of our stops was a little grocery store where we just browsed.  We ended up buying a little bottle of dried basil for $0.50.  I can't find basil at Costco anymore, so I went ahead and bought it.

In all we spent $84.23 this week.
2016 Year-to-date total: $1,014.89
Weekly Average: $126.86

This is more than twice my weekly average last year at this point.  Ouch.


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