Sunday, February 14, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 7 - $346.65

Oh boy, I am racking up the grocery spending and my pantry and freezer are bulging.  I'm due for some serious low spending weeks.

My first shopping trip this week was at QFC.  I usually find good dairy deals at this QFC and I was hoping for some soy yogurt for DD#2 who is off dairy for a trial.  I didn't find DF yogurt, but I did find some great dairy deals including squeezy tubes for $0.99/box, a big tub of yami for $1.79, Greek yogurt cups for $0.69 each and organic cottage cheese for just $0.49 each.  I would have bought more, but the best buy date was 8 days out and I figured we couldn't eat more than 8 tubs while it was still good.  I also found some Mars mini-candies for $0.99/package so I decided it was cheap enough to let my kids give their friends some for Valentine's day.  I also found Freedent gum for $0.09/pack, some organic dressing for $2.99, slivered almonds for $1.29, gluten-free cereal bars for $3.39, gluten-free bread crumbs for $2.69, and a bag of Doritos for $2.50.  I spent $31.72.

A girlfriend shared this produce with me because she was leaving town and wouldn't be able to use it.

On Tuesday we had a big shopping trip to Costco.  I cannot even believe how much I spent.  $191.24!!  I got lots of stuff in large packages: organic olive oil, Indian simmer sauces, cheddar cheese, organic quinoa, organic brown rice, organic string cheese, organic garlic, fruit leather, rice crackers, cumin, chili powder, eggs, organic peanut butter, butter, almonds, organic tortilla chips, granola, and organic chicken thighs.

We also went to The Dollar Store Tuesday.  I spent $6 on 4 packages of pepperoni, a pound of red beans, and 3/$1 baby food.

I went to Fred Meyer Saturday to get creamer that was on sale and some vegetable oil for our favorite zucchini bread.  I also bought cereal, oranges, ice cream, and organic potatoes that were on sale.  I try to keep 'easy food' on hand for DH to feed the kids so I picked up corn dogs and chicken nuggets.  I also found an organic chicken on clearance for $1.89/lb, two loaves of organic bread on clearance for $1.99 each, and a pound of organic ground beef for $4.99.  I bought an organic zucchini for our favorite stew and some sorbet for DD#2 while the rest of us have ice cream.  I spent $59.84.

I stopped into QFC tonight to buy the vegetable oil I forgot at Fred Meyer yesterday.  I found 4 packages of formula for $7.49 each in the clearance bin!  Yay!  I'm fast using up all the formula I found on clearance last summer and have been dreading buying it again.  This will tide us over another 3-4 weeks.  I also found Greek yogurt cups in DH's favorite flavor for $0.25/ea, guacamole for $1.49/ea, a tub of hummus for $1.99, 2 soy yogurt tubs for $3.29/ea, and a bunch of turkey sausage links for $2.59/package.  I've been wanting to give the girls a little protein at breakfast so I went ahead and bought all the sausage they had on clearance.  I also got a little tiny package of pasta/chicken/gorgonzola salad for $0.99.  I spent $57.85.

My grand total this week was a whopping $346.65.
Year-to-Date total: $930.66
Weekly Average: $132.95

OK, this has to stop.  Yes, I want to feed my family healthier foods, but I am spending way too much on groceries.  My poor household allowance can't afford this and all the other stuff I have to buy like vitamins, toilet paper, weekly dates with 2 separate daughters, and please, God, soon, some things I need for myself now that I've lost my pregnancy weight.


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