Sunday, February 7, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 6 - $121.55

This week I thought I wouldn't spend much because we have so much food in the house from last week's shopping.  But then I had a couple of events come up that I had to shop for.  Rats!

First I had to buy lunch meat and pickles for our American Heritage Girls Troop this weekend.  I didn't get to sign up for what to bring so I couldn't choose something I already had on hand.  Instead I had to go out and buy lunchmeat and pickles.  While at Fred Meyer I picked up more corndogs (on sale) and rice cakes (I was out). I spent $24.42.

Later in the week I popped into Fred Meyer for potatoes.  I was happy to find organic potatoes for $1.99/3# instead of the regular price $3.49/3#.  I bought all 3 bags on the shelf.  Then I found a plethora of clearance canned goods.  There was a shopping cart full next to 2 six foot tables full of clearance items.  That's 8 cans of crushed pineapple for $0.69 each, 9 cans of corn for $0.39 each, 2 cans of olives for $0.49 each, 8 cans of beans for $0.39 and $0.49 each.  Also enchilada sauce, peas, and chicken broth for a total of $22.96.  What a deal!

These two shopping trips wouldn't have been so bad, but on Friday DD#2's doctor told us to take her off milk again.  I also had to cook for the Super Bowl party we were planning to attend.  So I paid a whopping $3.79 for dairy-free cream cheese, bought coconut milk and GF/DF crackers for DD#2.  I also bought chips & cucumbers for the party and milk, other crackers, sour cream, cottage cheese, onions, apples, and bananas for our regular consumption.  I found a couple clearance deals on infant formula, tomato paste, dried cranberries, hamburger buns, tea, and caramel sauce.  I spent a big $74.17 and blew what I thought would be a low spending week.

This week: $121.55
Year-to-Date Total: $584.01
Weekly Average: $97.34


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