Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 8 - $72.65

I had several small shopping trips this week and my mom was here, too.  She made a few additions to the groceries that aren't included here because she wouldn't let me pay her back.  Those items included some apples, bananas, green onion, bell pepper, and a 3# roll of 85/15 ground beef she found on clearance (I learned from the best!).

I spent about twice as much this week as I'm supposed to on the Pantry Challenge.  We had a big group over for dinner tonight (17 extra people) and I bought what I needed.  Next week I'll attempt to shop very little to make up for the overspending this week.

I stopped at Fred Meyer early in the week.  I spent $8.01 on cream, half & half, cucumbers, cottage cheese, & hot dog buns.

 I also stopped at Albertsons and found a 1.76 pound package of pork chops for just $2.25!  I also bought some lunchmeat and tomatoes for the big taco bar dinner we had tonight.  I spent $7.72

I was at QFC Friday night and found hummus on clearance, guacamole on clearance, and almond butter on clearance.  Together I spent $13.35.

I went back to Fred Meyer Saturday to pick up popcorn.  We were hosting date night with 8 extra kiddos and we typically make popcorn and watch a movie.  I picked up some clearance salsa while there, some cucumbers, and some sour cream for the taco bar.  I spent $7.61.

Finally I went to QFC and spent a whopping $35.96.  I found some clearance sausage, but otherwise bought things I needed for the taco bar/dessert tonight.  Onions, cheese, guacamole, brownies, ice cream, milk (since we didn't have delivery this week), spaghetti sauce, and some bananas.

Total groceries for Week 8: $72,65
Total Year-to-Date Groceries: $534.52
Weekly Average: $66.82

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