Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 5 - $112.91

This week's groceries were much larger than I expected.  There were some amazing deals to be had.

Tuesday I was at Albertsons since its so near my kiddos' therapy office.  I found some chicken/tofu patties for $1.00 per box of 4.   I bought 10 boxes since I'm looking for an alternative to the sausages in our packed lunches.  There were also some Krave cereal snack packs on sale for $1.00 per box of 8.  I went ahead and bought all 3 boxes that were on the clearance shelf.  While I normally don't give my kids junky snacks like this, once in a while I have to grab something fast and I don't mind giving it to them very occasionally.  I bought 2 packs of pudding for $1.00 each, a GF snack all the kids can have.  Butter was $2.50/pound, limit 2.  I bought rice cakes since they're detox friendly, some celery and bell pepper for the veggie tray I made for the Super Bowl party we are attending today.  I spent $30.79.

I went to QFC with 3 kids another night.  I found big bags of chips for $0.89 each since they were labeled Fred Meyer instead of QFC.  I also found some white corn/bean chips for $1.49 each.  I thought I'd give them a try after the detox.  I picked up a spiral-sliced ham for $1.49/lb, a bag of organic apples for $1.33/lb, a cold deli chicken on clearance for $3.99, some dented cans of soup for $0.59 each, and clearance fresh cheese tortellini for $1.99 each,  Cucumbers and bell peppers were $0.59 each and one kiddo begged for vanilla yogurt so we got this big container of Tillamook.  I spent $40.67.

I went to two Albertsons to find these blue/green chips for the Super Bowl party and I'm so glad I went to the second one because I got a pile of meat for a steal.  There are 5 packages of boneless pork and one package of bone-in pork, and one package of thin sliced beef.  I paid just $12.92 for all that meat!  I also got clearance yogurts for between $0.35 and $0.50/cup.  The chips were B1G1 free at $2.99.  I spent $24.75 at the 2 Albertsons.

I dropped into Haggen when I was in the area and picked up avocados for $0.77 each, and tomatoes for $0.89/lb.  I also loooooove asparagus and got a bunch for $2.98/lb.  I found spaghetti sauce on clearance for $0.50 and a box of fruit squeezies for $0.97.  I also stocked up on candy for DH, for gifts, for party contributions, whatever.  They were a $1.50/bag.  I spent $16.70.

No eggs this week and our milk delivery guy gave us milk free of charge!  Yay!

Total for Week 5: $112.91
Total YTD 2015: $385.84
Weekly Average: $77.17


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