Monday, February 16, 2015

Gluten Free Menu Plan

I am still focusing on using old & expired food from the pantry and while my mom has been in town I haven't been great at sticking to my plan.  I'll try more this week as I Really need to use some of this junk up!

Monday - Chicken Sausage Gumbo (I didn't make last week)
Tuesday - Pizza Pasta (using old pasta), DD#2 will have personal GF mac & cheese pie
Wednesday - Chicken Fingers with Sesame Tamari, rice (I didn't make last week using old Tamari)
Thursday - Sour Cream Chicken over rice pilaf (using old Rice-a-Roni), DD#2 will have a potato
Friday - Easy chicken pot pie (use old stuffing), DD#2 will have leftover mac & cheese pie
Saturday - Meatballs & GF pasta (uses old evaporated milk), will need to make a sauce from scratch
Sunday - Friends over for dinner - Mexican

Monday - hot dogs
Tuesday - Pulled Chicken sandwiches (using old bbq sauce)
Wednesday - Nachos
Thursday - Mac'n'Cheese pie, DD#2 - GF version (need to use old elbow macaroni & mustard)
Friday - Cheesy Eggs & Fruit
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - Soup

I know it sounds like a lot of mac'n'cheese pie, but seriously my kids LOVE it and DD#2 will be happy to eat it as an alternative while I try to use up all this old stuff with gluten in it.

Love, Katie

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