Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gluten Free Menu Plan

Last week I shared I need to clean out my pantry.  While I haven't gotten it ALL organized yet, I did get the food part sorted out.  I had a huge amount of food past it's 'best by' date so those items are a big priority.  A lot of this is NOT GF which is why it hasn't been used.  So DD#2 will be having some alternate meals this week.

(Forgot to post yesterday, even though I wrote it all out!)

Monday - Pork Chops & couscous (using old couscous) - will make DD#2 some potatoes
Tuesday - Rainbow Rotini Casserole (using old rainbow rotini) - will make DD#2 a pizza
Wednesday - Sesame Chicken Fingers (using old GF Tamari Sesame dressing)
Thursday - Taco Salad
Friday - Potluck at a friend's house, taking side dish
Saturday - GF chicken & sausage gumbo
Sunday - Pulled Pork or Chicken (using old bbq sauce)

Monday - Costco hot dogs (no bun for DD#2)
Tuesday - GF corndogs & fries
Wednesday - Pizza (DD#2 can have her leftovers from night before)
Thursday - Mexican
Friday - Pancakes (uses mix from pantry) - will make DD#2 some scrambled eggs
Saturday - Finger Food lunch
Sunday - Leftovers


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