Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekly Shopping - $124.98

This week I knew I was buying peaches so I planned to shop very little.

Wednesday I stopped in at Haggen to see what kind of deals they had.  NOT MUCH!   Produce was reduced only 5% and dry goods were 10%.  The bulk foods were 20% and the candy aisle was 20 or 30% (don't remember).  There were also some 20% off things in the health and beauty aisle and eye car was 30% off.  I'm planning to check in this week sometime and see if there have been any big reductions.  Anway - I needed lettuce for a "new baby" meal I was delivering Thursday and I have been out of baking powder nearly all summer so I picked these up for $4.09.

I guess I didn't need to stop at the store Wednesday morning because later in the day all this was given to me by the kitchen director at our church.  There was a big receipt of gleaned food and much of the produce, dairy, & drinks was a few days past the "best by" date.   I know that food is good several days and sometimes even weeks past that date, so I was happy to receive it.  Especially since it relieved so much of my grocery bill this week!
 3 bags of lettuce
2 bunches of bananas
8 greek yogurt cups
2 bags of baby carrots
3 bags of brussel sprouts (gave away)
1 bag of snap peas (gave away)
3 bags of asparagus
6 bags of broccoli (went straight to the freezer)
package of bagels
2 packages of rolls (went straight to the freezer)
loaf of sliced italian bread (freezer)
loaf of regular bread
live basil
4 Simply Orange juices
1 Strawberry-banana 100% juice
5 sleeves of crackers
baggie of cheese sticks
lunch ham
lunch turkey
8 croissants
2 packages of cream cheese
7 ears of corn

Can you say BLESSED?!

Here are the peaches.  They were $15.50 per box, so $62.00 in total.

I went to Costco because I was considering a stop when a friend asked if I would pick up something for her there.  So then I had to go and I was glad I did.  I spent $25.40
$10.99 -5# mozzarella
$4.99 - 5 lb pears
$9.42 - feta

I stopped in at Safeway for cereal and creamer since we were low on both.  I found some clearance deals, too, and spent $16.33.
Cereal was $1.50 ($1.00/3 MC)($0.50/1 MC)($0.50/1 MC) = $1.10 each
Coffeemate - $2.50 each
Organic Greek Yogurt - $0.50 each on clearance
Organic Yogurt Tubes - $1.00 on clearance
Eggs - $1.39 on clearance

We had to drop in to a grocery on the way to a party and spent $7.50 on 3 bags of chips, then I bought two jars of pasta sauce for $0.50 each with a ($1.00/2 MC).

Milk delivery was $11.16
Eggs were $6.00

Total Groceries for Week 33: $124.98
Total Groceries Year-to-Date: $3,507.50
Average per week 2013: $106.29


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