Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekly Grocery Shopping - Just $17.61

This week was camping and I stopped at the store just once.  I picked up this stuff at Fred Meyer for just $17.61.

$2.50 - Pancake Mix - I usually make my own from scratch but we were almost out and so desperately late leaving for our camping trip that I decided to buy it when we arrived instead of making it up and making us even later.
$2.99 - Milk
$6.19 - Cocoa - This just killed me, but you can't take the kids camping without hot cocoa!  As Ben Franklin is famously quoted, "Necessity makes the worst bargain."
$1.00 each - Annie's mac'n'cheese
$1.00 each - Bags of 4 pears
$0.54/lb - Bananas
$0.34 - Garlic
$0.39 - White Kidney Beans on clearance - purchase for Stone Soup activity we had planned with the kids while camping.  It was a hit!  I'll try to remember to blog about it.

Of course, I cancelled the milk delivery and didn't buy eggs this week since we were out of town.

In total I only spent the $17.61 this week.
Total for 2013: $3,298.74
Average per week: $106.41


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