Saturday, August 17, 2013

Homemade Cards as Gifts?

The girls' night I mentioned in yesterday's post was intended to be for paper crafting.  We talked a lot and did a little crafting, but I spent the whole of that afternoon preparing some greeting card 'kits' for the ladies to make.

I am not very crafty, but I want to be.  These are the designs I came up with:

A baby girl card.

A paint chip card with choose-your-own-greeting stamps.  This one says "Thank You."

A layered stamp card also with choose-your-own-greeting stamps.  I made another "Thank You."

I way over-prepared these cards because the girls' night was for the ladies in my Sunday School class and I didn't know how many gals to expect.  I have 8 or 10 of each all cut, and have yet to assemble them.  Maybe some night when I watch tv and don't have piles of laundry to fold.  

I also thought I might make up the top, baby cards as a gift for a new mom.  She can use them for thank you notes, maybe?  I was very blessed with DD#1 when a friend made me a big batch of pretty thank you notes and I thought these turned out nice enough to give.  What do you think?

And in that vein, Do you think a set of 8 homemade cards would be well-received as say a hostess gift?  Or a small birthday gift for a friend who doesn't want you to spend money?


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