Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Garden Update

Yay for a thriving Garden!  Look at these crazy pumpkins!  The vines have trailed all over and I had to trim them.  It's always sad for me to cut off growing things, but I didn't want them to suffocate the tomatoes..

Here are pumpkin vines coming through the tomatoes.
Here are pumpkin vines behind the tomatoes which are only visible because a tomato plant fell over.
So sad to see this blossom and baby pumpkin in the clipped vine pile.

I picked all of this last week.

The plants are thriving.
Tomato plant held up with bungee cords and hooks in the fence posts.

The tomatoes are heavy with fruit.

Varied pumpkins.

Second round green beans are finding their way up the grid.

The zucchini are going crazy!

This cherry tomato plant has been producing like crazy.
Another update soon!


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