Friday, August 23, 2013


One of my bulk buying products is blueberries.  I was very relieved to get blueberries this year because the bulk buying group sold out in the first couple of hours.  Thankfully, I was able to contact the farmer directly and he was able to provide enough berries for me and the 4 other ladies who were hoping for berries.  I had to drive a tiny bit further to get to his farm, but overall I was just thankful to get low spray berries for $2.00 per pound!

When I thought I wouldn't get any blueberries, I picked up 10 pounds at Fred Meyer with the intent of getting more while the sale continued.  But then the bulk buy worked out and I ended up with 40 pounds instead of the 30 I've had the last two summers. 

I froze these in single layers on cookie sheets and in cake pans tucked all over my freezers.  Once frozen, I dumped them into gallon Ziplocs.  There are really a mountain of berries and I can easily see how much more I have this year than last year.

The last pans being emptied - when I finally remembered to take a picture.

The very full bottom of the freezer - 10 bag! 
 I only use recycled bags for blueberries - several from last year's blueberries & peaches as well as the obvious tortilla bag. 


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