Thursday, August 8, 2013

Today's Huge Garden Photos!

OK - Check these out!
The pumpkins have taken over the whole back corner of the yard.

There are several pumpkins this size.

The pumpkin vines are trailing everywhere.

Very tall tomato plants

Lots of tomatoes, some munched by a critter.

The cucumbers have shriveled up.

Here's the last straggler.

The yellow squash survived and thrived.  Waiting for blooms.

Giant Zucchini plants!

Green Beans, Round 2

Snap peas

Green beans

6 big zucchini were hiding under those huge leaves.  I also picked snap peas, green beans, tomatoes, and a cucumber.

I still have major weeding to do and I'm going to trim some of those pumpkins that have trailed too far into the other plants.

I love seeing our food grow!  August is always such a fun garden month!



  1. My parents are on vacation so I'm in charge of picking their cucumbers - 7 lbs every other day or so!!! Wish I could share with you!

    It is so interesting to see what my friends gardens are doing locally and around the world. Different conditions mean different things thrive. I planted just a couple each of a lot of different things. Some have done well (parsnips)but others lost to the bunnies (broccoli) or struggling with the late wet start we had (peppers).

  2. Oh - I adore cucumbers! I would be jealous, but I'm just so happy mine produced ANYTHING this year I can be happy for your parents, too.

    I agree on the regional gardening. My friend in Spokane was just telling me she has cantaloupe producing in her garden! ONCE I tried cantaloupe and only one little guy grew at all and then it tasted horrible.

    I also find it interesting to see what sort of pests my friends deal with and how they handle invasion. For us the rabbits have been terrible the last couple of years, but before that I hated the slugs. I hope it doesn't get worse!


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