Saturday, August 10, 2013

Small Savings Projects - 31 Week Update

It's time for an update! I wrote about me three savings projects for 2013 at the ten week and twenty week marks.  Now we're at thirty weeks and still going strong!

First is the 52 weeks of savings I've been working hard at saving the larger amounts. DD#1 makes a great "Wow" face when I hand her at least two twenties.  We're staying caught up and you might be able to see many more numbers on the right side are crossed off than there were 10 weeks ago.  I know we did $51 last week, and we've done $49, $41, $39, $34, $32, $31, & $29 on the right side during the last ten weeks, too.  So far we have saved $711 this year for our 2015 Disneyland trips!

Our savings chart.
My next savings plan included putting aside $10 per week for bulk buying food this summer.  Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble managing that while I also saved for Disneyland out of my weekly household allowance.  It's only $150 per week and I'm averaging $106 on groceries.  Add in the Disney savings and that's about all there is.  The good news is that the $70 I had set aside at the twenty week mark DID get used for a bulk buy.  I bought 1.5 gallons of raw honey for $77.50 and I put that $70 to good use!  I had hoped to stockpile a bit of cash from my garage sale earnings, but those earnings were pretty miniscule and I chose to use them for two hearty Disney savings weeks.

 Finally, we are trying to prepare for Christmas financially by saving $100 per month this year.  So far I saved $600 in the first six months of the year, but I used the July $100 to place a large purchase that included lots of gifts.  It feels pretty good to have a good start on Christmas already and still have $600 set aside for all the gas, gifts, postage, and extra groceries that anticipate spending on.

I'll update again in another 10 weeks.


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