Friday, August 16, 2013

Pantry Popcorn Explosion

A few weeks ago I had a couple of girlfriends over for a papercrafting night.  As I was in the pantry looking for or doing something I can't remember, a bunch of stuff fell of the top shelves. I just ducked my head and kept my hands up to catch anything I could.  

There were only two casualties: A cheap, circus animal waffle iron that my kids have loved for a couple of years and a bin of organic popcorn kernels.
My friend, Beth, rushed to my aid as the crashing began.  Here she displays the messy wonder.

It really was a huge mess, but I just closed the pantry doors and enjoyed the evening with my friends.
In the morning I pulled out some bins.
It turned into a good time to really clean the pantry floor.
I was able to save some popcorn that fell on top of the bins, into the KitchenAid bowl, and a couple  other random places.  The loose popcorn on the floor I scooped into a bin and labeled it "Wash First".  The next time I use the air popper I'll rinse the kernels and see how they look.  I can also use these for craft projects.  The ones I swept up with the broom and dustpan just went into the trash. 

Always a party at my house!


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