Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Landscaping/Garden Update

My pumpkins got so big I had to move them into the yard.  Shame on me, they've been out there a week and still aren't planted.

 We're still working on digging out this back corner.  This photo was taken after a day of 10 wheelbarrows full.  The next day I did 15 wheelbarrows and started the landscaping wall.  Today I did 7 more wheelbarrows so it's getting there!  Soon I'll be able to plant stuff . . . like pumkins!

The back corner is getting filled with the wheelbarrows of dirt.

The front part of the yard is getting filled with dirt from our crawlspace.  Yay DH and his friend, Rob, for working so hard.

Just a quickie post tonight.  I'm beat.


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  1. This is wonderful. Fabulous. Amazing. I don't even have enough adjectives. Well done, friend!


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