Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekly Shopping - $73.36

I must begin by apologizing for the terrible photos this week.  DD#4 dropped my camera on the floor and it's kaput.  I've searched high and low for DD#1's digital camera to no avail so I had to resort to my camera phone: a 2009ish non-smart phone

Next, this was a bit of a stocking up week because the Memorial Day grocery deals are normally great for condiments, chips, pop, etc.  I anticipated a lot of shopping trips and a lot of spending, but as it turned out I only did the normal amount of shopping.

My first stop was Fred Meyer.  My daughters were giggling that I bought four of most things.  "Mom, you're Mrs. 4 today!"  I spent $20.11 on a TON of stuff!

Nabisco Crackers - $1.67 each ($0.75/2 MC)($.075/2 MC) = $1.30 each for 4
Nabisco Crackers - $1.67 each ($1.00/2 MC) = $1.17 each for 2
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce - $.89 each ($1.00/4 MC) = $.64 each for 4
Cream Cheese - $1.00 each for 4
Bell Peppers - $0.50 each for 3
Cucumbers - $0.50 each for 4
8 oz. Shredded Mozzarella - $1.50 each for 4 ($3 per pound is my absolute max price for cheese but mozzarella doesn't go on sale often so I allowed myself this purchase)
Bananas - $0.64/lb
Green Onions - $0.44
Romaine - $1.00

I also had a $5/$25 coupon that came as part of my quarterly Fred Meyer Rewards.

My next stop of Safeway for cereal.  I spent $15.99.  I decided to buy a gallon of milk because we a) were on our last quart of delivered milk and I figured another gallon would last us until our next delivery and b) I was pleasantly surprised to see organic gallons were only $4.49.

Cereal - $1.67 each ($1/3 MC)($1/3 MC) = $1.33 each
Milk - $4.49
Pasta - $0.50 on clearance
Turkey Hot Dogs - $1.00 each

I stopped in to QFC just because I wasn't ready to go home yet and I usually find some good clearance deals there.  I didn't have a single thing I planned to buy and spent $14.10.  I kicked myself - hard - when I found organic milk on clearance for $2.89 each.  Oh well.  I bought it and cancelled our milk delivery for the coming week.

Milk - $2.89 on clearance
Eggland's Best cage free - $2.19 on clearance ($0.50/1 MC)($0.75/1MC) = $1.53 each
Lunch Meat Turkey - 16 oz - $2.99 on clearance ($0.55/1 MC) = $2.44
Brown Cow plain, organic yogurt cups - $0.59 each (for smoothies)
Organic yogurt cups - $0.49 each

Finally I picked up a few things at Dollar Tree when I stopped in to pick up balloons for DD#3's birthday.  I spent $6.00.
Tortillas - $1.00 each
Syrup - $1.00 each
Pepperoni - $1.00 ($1/2 MC)($1/2 MC) = $0.50 each
Note on the pepperoni: Until recently I had been buying a different package of Hormel pepperoni because the rounds of pepperoni were smaller and fit more tidy on the pizza.  But I realized those packages were only 1.75 ounces compared to these packages of 3 oz each.  I'm getting almost double the pepperoni for the same price.

Our milk delivery this week was $11.16
I bought 3 dozen eggs from my friend for $6.00

Total groceries this week: $73.36
Total groceries-to-date in 2013: $1,750.82
Average per week 2013: $83.37


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