Saturday, May 4, 2013

Garage Sale Finds!

I almost never get to go to garage sales.  It's just super difficult with 4 kids in tow, but my mom and aunt were visiting and we attempted a few sales with good results!

I wish I'd gotten a better photo, but all this stuff was amazingly cheap.
$5.00 big beveled edge mirror
$0.50 2 veggie tales inflatable swords and pirate hats - NEW
$2.00 framed Grace (Man Praying) - I loved this as it so reminds me of DH's family and his spiritual heritage
 $3.00 about twenty Ziploc containers with lids - NEW
$1.00 Tupperware pie taker
$0.25 each MathMania workbooks
$0.25 set of 4 party poppers
$0.25 Pippi Longstocking book
$0.50 New nightgown
$2.00 Box of manila envelopes - about 100
$1.50 Jar grip for canning - the one I have is cracking at the grip so I was excited to find this

My mom picked up all this for the kids, too.
The Veggie Tales were only $.75 each and all but one were BRAND NEW still in plastic.  I am kicking myself for not buying more to give as gifts!  Christmas for the nieces and nephews would have been done.  Rats!  4 CDS were only $.50 each and the other big CD sets were $1.00 each.  Finally, brand new water colors were $0.25.

Some GREAT deals!


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