Monday, May 20, 2013

Menu Plan & Weekly Goals

Monday - Pot Roast (Roast from freezer)
Tuesday - Stone Soup (Pork Bones from freezer)
Wednesday - French Toast
Thursday - Strata (sausage & bread from freezer)
Friday - Bible Study Potluck (side dish)
Saturday - Lemon Garlic Chicken (crockpot) (Chicken from freezer)
Sunday - Spaghetti (ground beef from freezer)

Monday - Finger Food
Tuesday - PBJ
Wednesday - pizza
Thursday - mac'n'cheese
Friday - quesadilla
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - PBJ

I didn't finish the first two items on my list last week:
1. Finish Kitchen backsplash project
2. Goo Gone on the kids' toilet
I'll add 3. Finish rototilling the grass so I can plant more tomatoes
and 4. Paint touch up pink bedroom

I did get the outside freezer  emptied and unplugged.  I also started the yellow squash and some broccoli inside.  We'll see how they do, but I'm not hopeful as they're such late starts and the squash is from last year.


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