Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekly Shopping - $51.88

Small shopping trips this week added up to.  I will need lettuce and fruit before the week is out so next week might be some heavier shopping

I went to Fred Meyer for compost and steer manure.  A quick tour of the grocery department yielded a few things totaling $2.46.
Bread - $.99 on clearance
Butterfinger - $.49 on clearance
I went to Safeway for their gift card deal and spent $10.36 more on food.
Cornmeal - $2.39 on clearance
Cheese - $3.99
Foster Farms lunchmeat - $1.99 each

I stopped in at Albertsons for pie crust.  I was taking someone a meal and ran out of time to make crust and had to buy one.  It was $3.79!  Ugh.  Buying groceries at regular price is so painful!

I went back to Safeway to use my $10 certificate from the gift card deal and my $5 certificate from the greeting card deal.
Corn Flakes - $2.09 each on clearance
Honey Nut Cheerios - $1.88 each ($.40/1 MC) = $1.68 each
PB Cheerios - $1.67 each ($1.60/4 MC) = $1.27 each
Cheese - $3.99
Hamburger Buns (not pictured) = $8.00.  I just ran out of time to make buns so I picked them up.
I also used my $10 and $5 off coupons for a grand total of only $9.60.

Later I went to a third Safeway looking for the Jiffy Lube gift cards that were supposed to be part of the gift card deal this week.  I couldn't find them AGAIN, but I got the limit 1 cheese again for $3.99.

Finally, I went to QFC and spent $9.14.
Little oranges - $.99
Bananas - $.64/lb
Butter - $2.00 each

The cucumbers were $.69 each at Albertsons.

Milk - 11.18

My total weekly spending was $51.88
Total for 2013 year-to-date $1,570.05
Weekly Average $82.63


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