Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Garden Progress

I'm still plugging away at the landscaping and getting plants in bit by bit.

Over the weekend I planted green beans, lettuce, 2 varieties of peas, romaine, and two tomato plants I bought at the farmer's market.  I pulled two lettuce plants that had wintered over from the old garden space and transplanted them here.

DH helped me Rototill the opposite end of the new garden space and I put the pumpkins in the ground.  

Don't they look so sad?   I hope they perk up.  Their poor little roots had been out of room for a couple of weeks and I couldn't loosen them up much.  You can also see the first two stones of the wall I'm putting on this end of the garden.

These are my sad little cucumbers that are finally out of egg cartons but not thriving.  They were in that sad little carton for 6 week!

And look at these huge cucumbers that got out of the egg cartons at only two weeks.  

These cucumbers are SO  ready to plant.  Look at this tendril curling around a tomato plant stalk.

Next up, more rock wall and get cucumbers outside.


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