Thursday, May 9, 2013

Garden Time - Finally!

I finally got some time in the garden today.  Or the garden-to-be.

I got the back corner of the yard all dug out and the short retaining wall built a few days ago.  The dirt is fine and filled with rocks.  It's really not ideal for growing anything, so I planned to add a bunch of compost.  I also wanted to clean out the small flower bed above the wall so I could plant there, too.

I started at the top of the wall and pulled lots of weeds.  Then I planted two raspberries and set up this grid for the vines to climb.  One of the raspberries didn't look great so I'll be surprised if it takes off.  The other should do OK.

Next I dumped 6 cubic feet of dirt into the garden bed and spread it evenly.  It wasn't nearly deep enough to support healthy plants so I decided to rototill.

The tilling worked beautifully and the tightly packed under-layer loosened right up to blend with the fresh compost and steer manure.  DD#3 and I worked together removing rocks from the fresh soil.  I think I might actually plant some things tomorrow!  We'll see.



  1. Wow, it's looking really great. Well done, Super-Mama!


  2. Thanks Denise! I'm going to have to be content with with 30-45 minutes here and there until it gets done.


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