Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekly Shopping - $107.43

Fred Meyer's Founder's Day sale was running last week so I made a couple of trips there.  Otherwise it was a busy week and a jam-packed weekend to my poor garden didn't get much attention, but the outside freezer is empty!  You'll notice there was not a single purchase this week for the freezer . . .

My first trip to Fred Meyer was specifically because we were low on fruit.  I know spent $40.07 and I can't find my receipt.  I'm sure $9 was toilet paper and $6 was baby wipes.  With tax on those, I'm calculating $23.63 for food.

$1.88 each butter
$0.75 each pasta
$4.29 cheese
$0.77/lb for apples, oranges, and pears
$0.64/lb for bananas
$2.99 for 5lbs carrots
$2.50 feta

I went to Fred Meyer again later in the week and spent $25.92 on food.
$3/5.00 and ($1.00/3 MC) = $1.42 average price for Cereal
$2.89 - Sugar
$.75 each - pasta sauce
$1.88 each - Tillamook butter
$1.99 ($.40 SC) = $1.59 Fred Meyer butter
$4.29 cheese
$1.09 pita bread on clearance
$1.49 romaine head
$0.99/lb celery

I went to Fred Meyer a 3rd time on Friday to pick up a few things the doctor suggested for one of my kid's wart colony on her fingertips (ew) and grabbed some more Founder's Day deals.  Food spending was - $25.18.  A photo is trapped on my camera.  My kids damaged it Saturday and I haven't looked closely to see if I can fix it yet.  Here's what I bought:

$0.77/lb pears & apples
$2.58 - 2# strawberries
$0.99 - Vitabee Bread
$2.50 - 1# lunch ham
$4.29 - cheese
$4.99 - each for 2 non-cheddar Tillamook

And finally, I stopped in at QFC near midnight on Saturday to pick a few things we needed for Sunday company and scored some great clearance deals!  I spent $15.52
$2.89 Tortillas
$2.99 Tortillas
$1.99 Heavy whipping cream
$1.29 deli salsa on clearance
$2.00 deli guacamole on clearance
$1.67 cottage cheese
$1.69 organic lettuce on clearance
$1.00 eggs

Eggs this week - $6.00
Milk this week - $11.16
Total weekly spending =  $107.41
Total Grocery spending through Week 20 = $1,677.46
Average per week = $83.87


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