Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pot Roast Leftovers

I made a big pot roast recently and ran into my normal problem: Too few vegetables!  I always chop far more than the recipes direct but when it comes time to eat the veggies inevitably run out.

So I had a big hunk of leftover meat that I would normally turn into pulled pork, but we've had a lot of pulled pork recently and I just love the veggies that cook up with pot roast.  I decided to try another route.  I still had all the juices in the crockpot from the original cooking so I made up another round of vegetables.

With all the leftover meat it made up 6 individual portions for lunches.  Yummo!  I only have five in the photograph because I had already eaten one by time I assembled the others.  =)  
DH loves (I mean, luuuuuuurves) pulled pork so I probably won't get to do this too much in the future.  Maybe next time I'll make a round two of veggies only before I make pulled pork.


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