Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekly Shopping - $175.72

I didn't even look at the grocery ads this week which is so unusual it's worth mentioning.

I stopped early in the week at Fred Meyer because DH had requested a dinner I needed garlic & feta for.  Fred Meyer was the nearest grocery store when I found myself with 20 minutes to fill.  I spent $8.61 on food.
Garlic - 3/$1.00
Feta - $2.50
Roma - $.78/lb
Bananas - $.64/lb
Cantaloupe -$.50/lb

I took the little ladies for a walk to the grocery store so we browsed and I spent $10.00.
Sour Cream - $.99 each on clearance
Bananas - $.69/lb
Pizza - $3.49 on clearance (in the oven when I took the picture)
Donuts - $.79 each (eaten on the way home from the grocery store)

We were near a Grocery Outlet on Friday so we stopped in.  I spent $32.21 and stocked up.
Mac'n'Cheese - $.50 each
canned Pineapple - $.99 each
2# Shredded Cheese - $4.99 on sale
Green Onion - $.50
Tortillas - $1.79
Mangos - $.50 each (they were overripe)
Mustard - $.79
Chips - $1.59
Cucumber - $.50 each
Olives - $.79 each
Parsley flakes - $1.99
Organic Cereal bars - $.99 each
Cream Cheese - $.99 each
Hot dogs - $.79 each

Then we visited the Dollar Tree next door to Grocery Outlet and I stocked up on some of our Dollar Tree basics spending $17.00.
4 bottles of Ranch
2 bottles of Syrup
Whipped Cream
Lemon Juice
6 packs of Pepperoni

I also stopped at Safeway to use the bank on the premises and picked up a 20 pack of hot dogs for $2.50

And one more stop at QFC and I spent $3.98.
$1.00 each for a dozen eggs (I buy store-bought for hard boiled because my friend's fresh eggs don't peel well.)
$0.99 each for ice cream tubs on clearance

Our milk delivery was $11.16
I bought eggs from my friend for $4.00.
I picked up my bulk food purchase this week, too (see post next week).  My portion was $90.24.

Week 18 Total: $179.70
Grocery Total 2013 to date: $1,518.17
Average per week: $84.34


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