Monday, August 29, 2011

Tully's New Rewards Program

I am an equal opportunity coffee shop patron. I am not a "snooty coffee lady" as a dear friend calls herself. I do, however, drink enough espresso to notice a taste difference.

One of my favorite coffee companies is Tully's, but I've been frequenting Starbucks a bit more lately because of their loyalty program with a free birthday drink and free drink for every 15 purchased.

I was SO very delighted the other day when I went to Tully's and found they, too, have started a loyalty program! With Tully's you get 1 point for each espresso drink purchased. A free drink is awarded with the accumulation of just 10 points. Additionally, when you register your loyalty card online you are immediately awarded 10 points.

So head on over to Tully's and pick up a loyalty card. Then register online and go get your free drink!


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  1. What?! Why didn't I know that Starbucks has a loyalty program? And a free birthday drink? Looking into this today!


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