Friday, August 19, 2011

Top Foods' Great New Prescription Program

I am always on the lookout for those pharmacy deals where you get a free gift card if you fill or transfer a prescription to a particular pharmacy. A few years ago these were offered all the time, then they became more of an offer only if you transferred.

For a while Target was the only place offering a gift card with a new prescription and it was only $10, a far cry from the $25 that used to be given at many places.

Now even Target isn't offering any incentive for new prescriptions and many of the deals for transferred prescriptions have made automatic refills with that pharmacy a requirement.

That's why I was so excited to see Top Foods' new pharmacy incentive program. It's a longer-term thing, but the payoff is worth it.

First you earn 1 'point' by filling a prescription. When you earn 10 points you are rewarded with $100 to spend at Top Foods.

This is the equivalent of a $10 gift card for each prescription filled, new or transferred, the best deal around these days.

Now it might seem like 10 prescriptions is a lot and those 10 points would take a long time to accumulate. That's where this program is really great. A transferred prescription or a new presciption earn 3 points - the equivalent of $30! A repeated, refilled prescription earns 1 point.

My kiddos' pediatrician is near a Top Foods. In the future, I plan to take all those antibiotics prescriptions to Top Foods for 3 points each.


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