Friday, August 26, 2011

Resourceful Gift - Baby Shower Last Weekend

I went to a baby shower last Sunday and put together a gift I thought I'd share.

I had determined I wouldn't be able to attend this event because it was out of town and we couldn't budget the airfare. Then, at the last minute, my dad and brother were able to use miles to get me a ticket.

Here's the timeline:
Thursday evening - Recieve Itinerary
Friday morning - Shop online for a gift because no time for anything else.
Friday morning - Dump perfect gifts from shopping cart when I realize next day shipping costs as much as the gifts!
Saturday afternoon - Pick out gifts with girls from our stash.
Saturday night/Sunday morning - Wrap gifts
Sunday morning - up at 5 to make flight. Home by midnight.

I wasn't crazy about giving a gift from our stash in this particular case. The parents are expecting their first baby and they have kind of expensive taste. Normally I would have definitely shopped the registry for at least part of this gift. Time just didn't allow, so I did the best I could with what I had. It was a little more frustrating when DD#2 refused to choose a gift from the stash, but insisted we pass along one of DD#4's toys. At least it was in good condition.

Here's a photo. Sorry for the poor picture quality - it was about 2AM with my cell phone.

For each item, I made a label describing who chose the item and why. I thought it might be a little more special that way. Because I didn't have cute labels or trendy ribbons, I just picked ribbons out of my box of scraps and made little labels out of blank cardstock. I had a baby footprint holepunch, thank goodness, to make it baby themed.

Overall I thought it turned out OK and I had really cute wrapping paper, too. Unfortunatly the TSA didn't think the wrapping paper was so cute and opened the package to inspect the contents. As I was trying to repair the damage, a kind agent offered me some tape that I gratefully accepted.

The gift was well received and everyone had a good laugh about the giant "Inspected by TSA" tape on the package.


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