Monday, August 8, 2011

Back in Action!

It's good to be home!

DH, 4 little DDs and I have just returned from a month long road trip. It was a whirlwind of fun, family, and exhaustion. During our many long days in the car, DH and I had lots of time to talk and we agreed that I should start blogging again - Yahoo! - because he's always been a big fan of this particular endeavor and I am feeling like my priorities are in order.

This week my particular challenge will be getting unpacked and sorted out after our trip. Tasks include:

  • Going through a month of mail

  • Getting the garden harvested/weeded (it's a jungle out there!)

  • Feeding the family without grocery shopping

  • Making meals for tomorrow's swap without grocery shopping

I'm avoiding the grocery store because I spent the bulk of my weekly budget at garage sales over the weekend and I need to save what's left for a dinner out with friends this week. So sorry family - it's going to be a lot of pancakes. Up next: Weekly menu plan.

So happy to be writing again!


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