Friday, August 19, 2011

Overspending Habits

So I've had some serious overspending the past couple of weeks and in particular, the last few days.

It started when DH said I could buy a desk I found really cheap at an antique sale. It was a great price, but it wasn't in the budget. Then DH said I could buy a new camera since ours no longer turns on. I shopped around, used consumer reports, and purchased an inexpensive, but hopefully good quality camera. This also was not in the budget.

Meanwhile it was our turn to pay the sitter at Bible study which also wasn't in the budget because we only find out it's our turn a day or two before, usually.

Then DH and I talked about how the $100/week just isn't cutting it for gas, groceries, paper goods, clothes, anything for the house, etc. I really need about $200/week for all this but it's just not our reality. DH said we would look at the budget to give me more - but I know there's not room to give me more - and I went ahead and spent anyway because he'd given me the OK.

First it was another trip to Top Foods to use a $5/$25 coupon. We needed milk and there were some other reasonable sales.

Then it was DD#3 peeing on the floor of The Gap and me feeling guilty and finding something to buy off the clearance rack.

Next it was the trip to Champion Foods, then a friend selling a bunch of her old Mary Kay stock for 25%-50% of retail.

Finally today I bought major peaches, blueberries, and cherries.

All of this is further complicated by DH and I being a bit off and me being mad at him. Usually I eat a lot more when we fight because it makes me feel better emotionally, and I spend a lot more because it also makes me feel better emotionally with the bonus of frustrating him. I don't think either of these responses is particularly healthy, but there you go.

Now that the bulk food is taken care of it's definitely time to reign it in. Our savings account will take a hit this month, and DH will be frustrated, but it'll all be OK. It's just money, after all.


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