Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Shopping - $14.90

I shopped this morning and spent $14.90. After my horrible spending this week I decided I needed to be very conservative.

I bought:
4 packages of ravioli (natural/preservative free)- clearance price $1.79 each
Organic mint - clearance price $.99
Bag of romaine - clearance price $.79
Pre-made formula - $5.59 ($5.00 coupon) = $.59
Bag of iceberg mix salad - clearance price $.89
Bananas - $.64/lb
Can of garbanzo beans - clearance price $.49
3 loaves of Vita-Bee bread - clearance price $.99

We have lots of fruit and veggies and plenty in the pantry & freezer.

Here's what my pantry looks like after all my shopping this week. And you can't even see the cases of macaroni and baby mum-mums stacked on the floor on the right hand side.


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