Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beyond the Recycle Bin

I love to recycle. I don't know where it comes from because I grew up in a pretty small city where the population tends to dislike "greeners." The primary industry of logging was ruined when the spotted owl made the endangered species list and feelings toward any environmental protection were pretty negative.

Somehow I ended up being a recycling advocate at my high school and even participated in a recycling 'rap' song at a student council convention as part of a recycling breakout session I presented with a friend.

Then I moved to Seattle where all things green are encouraged and felt right at home. Would you believe my hometown still doesn't have a recycle program?! Seriously! My folks burn their paper products and throw the rest away. When I have room in my car I actually bring my reycling home to Seattle because I can't bear to just throw it away there. If my mom reads this she'll probably laugh at my level of commitment, but I don't mind.

I don't consider myself an extremely green person and I'm not extraordinarily concerned about my carbon footprint. I am however aware of my responsibility to this earth that God created and made humankind steward of. We should use our resources wisely and conservatively, while keeping in mind that God also created the earth and other creatures for our use. It can be a delicate balance!

This was supposed to be quick post about reycling options outside of just tossing in the reycle bin but I got a little off topic!

Please share if you know of charities or other organizations that want your recycled goods that would otherwise go in the trash or recycle bin.


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