Saturday, June 1, 2013

What's a "Good Price" For Groceries?

My friend, Jodi, recently saw an old post about what I paid for groceries.  It's about 3 years old and most of the prices have changed.  I also shop a bit differently than I did back then so this list will have a few 'item' changes as well as cost updates.

These prices are for conventional foods unless organic is noted.  Please keep in mind that these are my own 'limits'.  These aren't necessarily the same prices you should search for depending on your family's budgets, family-size, storage space, and eating preferences.   You should consider knowing your own 'limits' so you can stock-up when opportunities arise. 

Cold cereal - $1.67/box
Yogurt - $.40/cup, $1.99/tub
Organic Yogurt -  $.59/cup, $2.99/tub
Greek Yogurt - $.79/cup
Organic Greek Yogurt - $.79/cup, $2.99/tub
Cheese - $3.00/lb (all brick/shredded types)
Lunchmeat - $3.00/lb
Olives - $1.00/can
Bread - $.99/loaf
Organic Bread - $1.75/loaf
Macaroni & Cheese - $.50
Organic Mac & Cheese - $1.00
Milk - $2.00/gallon regular & $4.49/gallon organic
Pasta - $0.80/lb
Pasta Sauce - $1.25/jar
Meat - $2.50/lb (includes bacon, sausage, ground pork, leaner ground beef)
Chicken, boneless - $1.99/lb
Chicken, bone in - $1.29/lb
Chicken, whole - $.89/lb
Ground Beef - $1.99/lb (fatty)
Sour Cream - $1.00/lb
Cream Cheese - $1.25/8 oz brick
Cottage Cheese - $1.50/lb
Eggs - $1.25/dozen
Free Range Eggs - $2.00/dozen
Fruit Bananas, Canteloupe - $.79/lb
Fruit Apples, Oranges, Pears  - $1.00/lb
Fruit Peaches, Nectarines, Strawberries - $1.49/lb
Fruit Grapes, Berries - $1.99/lb
Salad dressing - $1.00/bottle
leafy lettuce - $1.29/head
cucumber & bell pepper- $.99/ea
tomato - $.99/lb
Flour - $3.00/5# bag
Sugar - $3.00/5# bag
Chocolate chips - $1.50/bag
Mayo - $2.00/full-size jar
Butter - $2.00/lb
Coffeemate (or similar) - $1.50/16 oz. or $3.00/32 oz.
Tea - $2.50/box
Coffee - $6.00/big can
Tortillas - $1.50/package
Tortilla chips - $2.00/bag
Salsa - $1.67/16 oz.
BBQ Sauce - $1.00/bottle
Soup - $1.25/can
Ketchup - $1.00/bottle
Syrup - $1.00/bottle
Peanut Butter - $2.00/jar
Pita Bread - $2.50/pack of 5 or 6
Hummus - $2.50/tub

I rarely buy the following items so I don't know what a "good price" would accurately be. These are semi-educated guesses.

Soda - $1.00 two liter, $2.50 12-pack
Juice - $2.00/half gallon
Ice cream - $2.00/half gallon
Frozen meals (individual) - $1.00
Jam/Jelly - $2.00/jar
Bagels - $2.00/half dozen

Phew!  These are just my family's standards or semi-standards.  I'd love to hear good prices on other items like nuts & soft cheese.


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