Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Shopping - $145.52

This week was pretty crazy with my brother here working on the remodel.  I spent a chunk of time several days helping in whatever way I could including digging and hauling dirt, unloading pallets of concrete, and carrying cinder blocks to the basement.  I was tired, but satisfied. 

So I did very little of my normal house projects and the floor needed cleaning much more than usual.  We also had dinner guests twice, a playdate, and my husband threw me a surprise party for my birthday.  In short, it's been a zoo.  Lovely, but kind of insane.

I went to Costco to pick up bargain priced sugar.  I wanted to make jam and it takes a lot of sugar so I picked up a few other things, too.  I can't find my receipt, but I know I spent $41.30 on my debit card.  I bought all this: 25 pounds of sugar (under $10), 6 hearts of romaine ($3.50ish), tortilla chips ($3.50ish), bananas $1.24, #10 can of diced tomatoes ($3??) and 3 pepperoni pizzas for $6 each. 

We had been completely out of cold cereal and the kids were desperate for it so we swung into Albertsons because they were having some good sales and I had a $3/$30 coupon. 
Cereal - $1.29/box (got 2 boxes sugar cereal for camping tradition)
Strawberries - $3.88 for 3# box
Rice-a-Roni - $.50/box  just too a good a deal not to get.  
3 Apples - $1/lb
Tomato - $1.99/lb (needed for recipe)
mango - $1.00
Dressing - $.99
Little Debbie snack cakes (not pictured) = $1.50
2# frozen corn (not pictured) = $2.59 

Next we headed to QFC to pick up sour cream and whipping cream and we scored in the markdown section!  Look at all that cereal!  I spent $21.57.
Cereal - $0.49 per box on clearance.  I bought every one they had and only felt a little guilty.
Pasta-Roni - $0.49 per box on clearance
Butter - $1.67 each
Canned Tomatoes - $0.49 on clearance for a big can
Sour cream - $1.00
Whipping cream - $2.29
Green onion - $.50
Spinach - $1.29/bunch

I was at QFC again for baby wipes and lice shampoo on Saturday.  I thought I spotted nits in one of my girls' hair, but a scrub and comb out showed not a speck.  I guess it was just a really dirty kid which would make sense with all the dirt from construction this week.  I got sucked into a "Buy 10" deal when I saw 1 pound lunchmeat as part of it.  I spent $32.68 on food.
Coffeemate was $2.49 as part of the Buy 10 deal
Ragu was $1.19 as part of the Buy 10 deal
Lunchmeat was $2.49 as part of the Buy 10 deal
Taco Shells - $1.49 (for company)
Chips - $2.00 (for company as Costco chips nearly gone)
Cottage Cheese - $1.79
Sour Cream - $1.00 each (for company)
Danimal drink 6-packs - $1.00 each on clearance
Bananas - $

Sunday morning I took my waffle iron to Sunday School and brought batter I had made that morning.  I've been out of cooking spray for ages and have just been using a water spray bottle filled with vegetable oil to spray the waffle iron at home.  But I didn't think my friends would go for that so DH picked up cooking spray for $2.29 on the way to church. 

A resourceful tip: I had some strawberries on their last legs so I washed and sliced them for the waffles.  They didn't look pretty so I just mixed them with runny freezer jam from last year's batch and voila! Strawberry topping for the waffles.  Also, our guests the night before had brought whipped cream in a can as part of dessert so we brought that for the waffle bar, too.

Milk delivery was $11.16
Eggs were $6.00

Total grocery spending for Week 26: $145.52
Total year to date 2013: $2,355.69
Weekly average: $90.60

We are expecting a quarter of a cow on July 9th or 10th so that will REALLY jump our weekly average . . .


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