Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fresh Flowers

You all know I am a bargain hunter and I try not to buy things I don't really need.  And I really love fresh flowers.  Unfortunately my garden is more of the veggie variety than the pretty flower variety and it just kills me to buy a flower arrangement at the grocery store because they cost so very much.

The perfect solution to this challenge would be for DH to buy me flowers frequently.  Then I wouldn't feel guilty because I wouldn't be the one spending money.  But wouldn't you know it, DH just doesn't buy me enough flowers.  He tries, but I guess I must be pretty demanding.  =) 

So, sometimes I buy myself flowers.  I never, ever buy an arrangement because the associated labor pushes the cost of the blooms up.  We had a great demonstration years ago at MOPS about how to arrange flowers.  I listened, but my efforts only look OK because of the flowers themselves.  Anyway, I sometimes buy bare flowers and will trim twigs & branches off my non-flowering bushes to make a little arrangement. 

I also love that my local QFC has been having a huge amount of clearance flowers lately.  I can pick myself up a dozen roses for $4.99 or other pretty flowers for $2.99 or less.  I especially love when we have houseguests because I feel zero guilt about providing fresh flowers in our guest room.

I picked up these beauties last weekend for our friends who came to stay.
I bought the flowers Friday and took this picture Tuesday.  I think they look pretty good for clearance flowers 5 days  later.  I paid $2.49 for the bunch of pretty orange blooms and $1.99 for 5 gladiola stems.  I just love the orange and green together.


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