Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekly Shopping $107.37

Our busy weekend with a birthday party, memorial and houseguests segued into a full day of research, talking, and decision making regarding our investment property.  I have a TON to do in preparation for a garage sale this coming weekend and am swamped!

Sorry my Sunday grocery shopping post is coming on Tuesday!

I went to Fred Meyer early in the week to get some baking supplies.  I was running low and needed to replenish flour, sugars, and coconut so I could make the cookie mix for DD#3's birthday party.  I spent $22.48 on food.

$5.99 - coffee
$1.99 each - 2# brown sugar
$.88/lb - broccoli
$.48/lb - cantaloupe
$.99/lb - oranges
$.64/lb - bananaa

Two little Target purchases are also in the photo.  Coconut was $2.99 and fruit leather was $2.54 for a total of $5.53.

My next shopping trip was huge.  I had lots to pick up in preparation for DD#3's party and hit the jackpot with sale & coupon combinations.  I spent $46.41.  I found a coupon hanging in the chip aisle for a free Tostitos dip with the purchase of 2 Tostitos chips.  For the extra $.50 each in chip price I could get dip for what amounted to just $1.00 so I decided to splurge.  When I got to the checkout the checker gave me the discount then realized the coupon was expired!  I explained I'd found it on the aisle just a  few minute ago and he went ahead and let me use the coupon.  How nice!

$3.29 - Cheesy Crackers on tiny sale
$0.49 each - 2 tubs cottage cheese on clearance
$1.00 each - 2 tubs of sour cream
$2.29 - hummus on clearance
$2.50 each - 2 bags of thin Tostitos chips
FREE with purchase of 2 chips - Tostitos cheese dip
$2.00 - Santitas chips
$0.50 each - 4 Garland Jack BBQ sauce on sale for $1.00 (2 qty. $1.00/2 MC) = $.50 each
$1.00 each - 6 La Victoria Salsa on sale for $1.99 ($.50 off with buy 5)(3 qty $1.00/2 MC) = $.99 each
$0.29 each - 4 Greek yogurt on clearance
$0.29 each - 4 regular yogurt on clearance
$0.69 each - 3 Greek yogurt on clearance - Yoplait 100 calorie
$0.79 each - 4 cans green chiles on sale for $1.29 ($.50 off with buy 5) = $.79 each
$2.19 - whole wheat pita bread on clearance
$1.00 each - red & yellow bell peper
$0.69/lb - bananas
$1.79 - peeled garlic on clearance (I LOVE this for cooking.  I store in the freezer.)
$1.99 - Juice
$2.00 - Juice
$1.99/lb - Asparagus

Finally, I had one more quick trip to Fred Meyer to pick up birthday cake on Saturday.  I couldn't resist that organic milk on clearance so I cancelled our Smith Brothers milk delivery for the second week in a row.  I spent $32.94, but I can't find my receipt so detail is from memory.

$2.89 each - organic milk
$2.04 - organic Nancy's yogurt
$.48/lb - cantaloupe
$1.25 - organic mango
$2.99 - 1# bricks of mozzarella (will shred and freeze)
$.88/lb - roma tomato
$.59 - whole wheat hot dog buns on clearance
$11.99 - birthday cake (not pictured)

I didn't get eggs this week because my friend was having a baby.  I cancelled the milk delivery last week because I found great milk deals at the grocery store.

Total spending this week for groceries: $107.37
Total spending for 22 weeks: $1,857.75
Average per week: $84.44

Overall I feel good about the $107.37 because it paid for the birthday cake, birthday party food, and the food "take-home" gift for DD#3's friends.


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