Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekly Shopping - $31.82

I was frantic this week getting ready for a garage sale that kept me busy over the weekend.  My only shopping was at the new Grocery Outlet in Bellevue where I stopped when I had time to kill after an appointment Monday.  I spent $20.83.

$1.99 - Martinelli's
$2.49 - Creamer
$1.89 - 5# flour
$0.99 - Applesauce
$2.99 - 2# grapes
$1.50 - 1# strawberries
$0.50 each - Yami yogurt
$3.99 - 2.5# Monterey Jack cheese
$2.99 - 2# peaches

I spent $4.99 on a loaf of my cousin's favorite bread to contribute to the lunches we ate at her house over the weekend.  She very graciously didn't let me buy the $13.49 brick of cheese they like when I offered, so I bought the bread instead.  I also packed and contributed lettuce, bell pepper, a cucumber, a few tomatoes & peaches, 2 loaves of bread, a cantaloupe, a brick of cheese, a gallon of milk, 3 dozen eggs, and a pack of hot dogs for the weekend's meals, too. 

I bought 3 dozen eggs for $6.00 and cancelled the milk order.

In total I only spent $31.82 this week.
Total through Week 23: $1,889.57
Average per Week 2013: $82.16


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