Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Reading Programs

I am nowhere near my menu plan this week.  I still have until dinner to figure it out, right?

Anyway, a friend and I were discussing summer reading programs on Facebook this morning and I wanted to share a few.

Half Price Books is an old favorite in our family.  We love that the girls get gift card rewards!  This year it is a $5 gift card for 300 minutes of reading in June.  Then you can do it again in July.  Our girls read 20 minutes per day so 300 isn't too hard.  Here's the link to their summer reading program page.

Barnes and Noble has a good one this year, too.  It earns a free book from their list of 20 books when your kiddos reads any 8 books.  Here's the link to their page.

Finally the library obviously has one every summer.  Their prizes are less "cool" but still fun.  Here's a link to the library's summer reading page.  The library is a bit more aggressive with the goal of 1,000 minutes over the course of the summer.  If you have younger kiddos it's the goal of 20 books.

We are heading over to the library to get books today! 


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