Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monday Menu Plan & Goals

Menu plan this week is basically survival.  Fast & easy meals are a necessity while my brother is here working on the remodel and I'm trying to gather garage sale stuff.

Monday - Enchilada casserole (to use random jar of enchilada sauce in pantry)
Tuesday - Pizza from Costco
Wednesday - chicken in sour cream sauce with rice pilaf (hosting friends)
Thursday - Birthday dinner?  Don't know if I'm making something or not.
Friday - Dinner at small group - taking Trifle for dessert
Saturday -Taco Bar? (hosting two couples and one extra kiddo)
Sunday -Leftovers

Monday - pizza from Costco
Tuesday - nachos (making jam and this is a fast, easy lunch)
Wednesday - PBJ
Thursday - Mac'n'Cheese
Friday - Homemade pizza for playdate
Saturday - Grilled cheese
Sunday -  PBJ

Goals last week were surrounding getting a few small areas in the house organized and cleaned in hopes that I might stumble across unnecessary items I could take to an upcoming garage sale.  Alas, I cleaned few of those areas though I did clear 90% of my dresser and delved into the box of Grandma's stuff.  I didn't touch my nightstand or the homeschool drawers.

For some reason life just seems busier than usual.  My brother is here working, it's been rainy, and the house is a bit dirtier for both.  Maybe it's because all of our school year activities have ended so we're spending more time physically in the house and it's just messier?

So this week my goals aren't too stupendous:
1) make jam
2) stay on top of the laundry and dishes
3) find some garage sale stuff - Reminding myself that I don't have to have a cleaning/organizing frenzy to locate unwanted items because they are everywhere.


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