Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Cousin's Cool Garden

I visited my cousin, Rebecca, last weekend for our annual garage sale and she gave me permission to post photos of some of her cool garden stuff. 

She has six of these barrel halves for her strawberries.

An apple tree she is training to grow along the fence.

One of several blueberry bushes.

Lettuces, beans, onions with cool painted rock labels.

A teepee for grapevines.

And you can sit inside it.
She is trying out growing plants in organic hay bales.  Its a quick way to know you're growing in organic "soil."
 Rebecca is much more dedicated to her gardening than I am.  She read stuff and tries new things, where I just stick with what has worked for me or what I see her do successfully!


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  1. In love with the painted rock labels. Sounds like a good craft with the kids and looks neat and works better than those little white plastic tabs.


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