Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Grocery Shopping - $164.39

This Week wasn't full of shopping, but I managed to spend a huge amount due to Costco and a bulk honey purchase.

I went to Albertson's to score the 3# strawberries for $3.88.  At $1.29/lb this is the cheapest I've seen anywhere all year so far.  I bought 7 pounds a couple weeks ago with jam in mind, but my family ate all of them.  So I'm buying again, hoping for jam.   I spent $20.60.

Rice-a-roni on sale for $.50 each if you Buy 10.
Ken's dressing $.99 each
Strawberries - 3# for $3.88 each

Next stop was Costco.  I recently renewed my membership after a 3 year hiatus.  Truly, some things are just cheaper there and while I can get as good a price at my local grocery stores if I shop sales and use coupons, it's more convenient not have to wait for the sale for 3 months or print/clip coupons.  I spent $ 40.23.
Bananas - $1.39
Shredded Parm - $10.99
Coffee - $4.99 (had a $5 off incentive coupon for signing up)
Feta- $9.18 (My #1 reason for signing up again.  We just luuuurve feta.)
Peara - $5.99 for six pounds
Butter - $7.69 for 4 pounds
Rotisserie Chicken - FREE (with incentive coupon for signing up)

I also bought 2 pepperoni pizzas for $5.99 each that were $12.90 total.  Not sure why unbaked pizza had tax?

My bulk buying group has raw honey coming in about a month.  I placed an order for 6 quarts and paid $77.50.

Milk - $11.16
Eggs - $2.00 (my friend only had one dozen this week)

Grand total for the week: $164.39
Total year-to-date 2013: $2,210.17
Total average spending per week: $88.41


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