Monday, July 1, 2013

Menu Plan

I'm planning to use lots of freezer food this week.  We are expecting a quarter of a cow on July 9th or 10th and while I will plug in our big freezer to receive the cow, I'm hoping to unplug it again quickly when I can fit the meat in the regular kitchen freezer.

Here's what the freezer looks like right now:
It looks pretty full, but it's certainly more "loose" than the jam-packed freezer of six weeks ago.  We have been plowing through frozen peaches as we make smoothies several times a week and I just discovered that the zucchini sauce is a great addition to smoothies!  So that is finally starting to disappear. 

We are going to be spending time with family this week so I'll just plan on contributing things from our freezer to the communal meals.

Planned Meals:
Stone Soup (uses up oddly shaped pork bones in the freezer)
Taco Salad (uses up leftover shredded chicken)
Porks Tacos (freezer meal)
Sausage Soup (uses sausage, freezer celery, freezer turkey broth)
Finger Food lunch (tater tots from freezer, hot dogs from freezer)

Planned Snacks:
Ice cream
Smoothie Pops (Frozen peaches, bananas, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, zucchini sauce)
Smoothies (Same frozen fruit)

My goal is to get the house clean now that the construction is paused for at least a month and more likely ten weeks until my brother can come back.

A secondary goal is to organize more and find stuff for the garage sale coming up at my mom's house.


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